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Ensure active research & development in the DNS industry

Mandate Aim

The global economy is undergoing a digital transformation

The Internet as the primary platform on which online activities are enabled, relies on the Domain Name System (DNS) for the identification of resources online. The Domain Name System is the hierarchical and decentralized naming system used to identify computers reachable through the Internet or other Internet Protocol networks. Ranging from people, devices, data & processes, businesses etc., the DNS application is widely growing and there is a need to participate in its development, adoption and utilization of the full potential of the DNS to advance the development of the Nigerian technology sector.

Encourage research and development in DNS Abuse and its mitigations

Through multilateral and institutional partnerships, NKF will promote research and capacity development in technology to facilitate DNS research and development, covering theoretical, technical, policy process, businesses and knowledge sharing for improved re-integration, innovation and better impact of the DNS industry within the national, regional and global economy. 

Access to Information

Establish a repository for local and international available resources on DNS knowledge for the work of all interested Internet Stakeholders and actors.

Research Sponsorship

Award research and development grant in the DNS industry, instigating a transparent method for the identification of quality and sustainable models.

Call for Hackathon

Calls for software and applications hackathon opens for interested applicants to submit their winning and innovative entry project to be funded through the portal.